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7G aa Co. LTD. can support your antenna measurement using precision antenna measurement technology and Radio over Fiber technology.

Product and consulting

1. Antenna near field to far field transformation software and consulting

・Planer near field antenna measurement, Cylindrical near field antenna measurement (IEEE 1720-2012 – IEEE Recommended Practice for Near-Field Antenna Measurements.)

・Single cut near field antenna measurement

・Several cut near field antenna measurement

2. Antenna measurement consulting and uncertainty estimation consulting

3. Radio over Fiber devices for antenna measurement (IEC TR 63099-1:2017 )

・Optical reflection type EA modulator for 40 GHz (1550 nm, DC Bias= 0 V, No temperature control needed)

・VCSEL for 25 GHz, VCSEL for 30 GHz (850 nm)

・PD-TIA (1300 nm to 1550 nm), PD-TIA (850 nm)

4. Port extender for Vector Network Analyzer (IEC TR 63099-1:2017 )

You cam measure S-parameter (S11, S21, S12, S21) Using our system in full-2-port calibration

Corporate Officers

President and CEO Dr. Masanobu Hirose

Director and COO Mr. Takashi Nagai

Director and CTO Prof. Takayuki Ishizone

Outside Technical Adviser Dr. Satoru Kurokawa